How to start accepting donations via DonatePay

  1. 1 Link your card for money receiving
  2. 2 Connect donation alerts to the stream
  3. 3 Give viewers a link to  payment page
2 min

Set your own
rules of the game

We have everything to turn the collection of donations into a game and a fan. Choose sounds and gifs to suit your style. Conduct voting and prize draws. Arrange fights with the Stream Boss!

Svet@ — 500 ₽ Hello, cute*
Custom design themes

Create your own unique style of stream design. Sounds, gifs, fonts

Earning money
from advertising games

Invite viewers to the games and get a percentage for each new player


Bring new people to the service and get a percentage of earnings

Streamer Simulator

Try what it's like to be a popular streamer. In our simulator, you can look at the DonatePay in the case. From  you will only need access to the camera. This is an imitation of a stream, your video will not be broadcast anywhere.